August 31, 2020

At the sideline of Aggie sporting events, Yell Leaders can be found uniting thousands of fans. With one hand signal, crowds are bewitched by the Aggie Spirit.

Texas A&M University is based on tradition, and the tradition of Aggie Yell Leaders is one of the most well-known. For more than a century, the Yell Leaders have embodied the Aggie Spirit and represented Texas A&M in a unique way.

The first Yell Leaders led the Fightin’ Texas Aggies onto Kyle Field only 38 years after Texas A&M was founded. Since then, the leaders of the 12th Man have inspired Aggies to support the team through both successes and hardships in all sporting events

Supporting Aggie Spirit Ambassadors

Yell Leaders are Texas A&M’s most visible ambassadors of the Aggie Spirit. Today, the five Yell Leaders elected by the student body do far more than coordinate yells for the 12th Man. In addition to motivating sports fans, Yell Leaders speak and lead yells at student events such as The Big Event, Family Weekend, Fish Camp and more. The most prominent of the Yell Leaders’ duties is leading Midnight Yell Practice before every home football game, which now boasts more than 40,000 participants.

Through it all, the Yell Leaders’ commitment to academic success and graduation remains a priority. In order to provide Yell Leaders with the support they need, the Texas A&M Foundation created the Yell Leader Endowment to allow Yell Leaders to devote their time to campus community impact.

The Yell Leader Endowment supports the Yell Leaders in many ways, including:

  • Scholarships
  • Stipends
  • General Operation & Expenses
  • Midnight Yell Expenses
  • Advisor’s Salary

Pass it Back, Ags

To meet increased demands of Yell Leaders’ time and expenses, we invite you to help preserve this hallowed tradition for future generations of Aggies through a donation to the Yell Leader Endowment. Donations range from annual gifts to endowing major gifts over a five-year period. Stand for the 12th Man today and help us meet our $6.5 million endowment goal.

Meet this year's Yell Leaders!


Texas A&M's first Yell Leaders were selected in 1907. In the early years, the Yell Leaders provided their own uniforms and often wore mismatched outfits to attract attention. It wasn’t until 1915 that they were documented wearing all white and were given maroon “letter” sweaters. The head Yell Leader position, known back then as “Chief,” began in 1936. While Corps of Cadet members were typically selected as Yell Leaders, non-Corps students were also considered for the position.


Today's Yell Leaders are public figures. Comprised of three seniors and two juniors, with one senior designated as “Head Yell Leader,” Yell Leaders are elected annually. They can always be found dressed in all white on the sidelines of the playing field in front of the student section. The Yell Leaders attend all football games, as well as all home basketball and volleyball games. Additionally, the Yell Leaders can be seen annually at Texas A&M Coach’s Nights, all new student conferences, all Fish Camp sessions, and numerous campus events hosted by student organizations and university departments. 

  • Keller Cox '21 - Senior

    “Serving Texas A&M University as Head Yell Leader is an honor and a privilege that I will never take for granted. As Yell Leaders, we are the physical embodiment of the Spirit of Aggieland. Yell Leaders serve not only as a bridge between the student body and athletics, but also as ambassadors of Texas A&M. In my first year serving as a Yell Leader, I realized how vitally important the support of former Aggies through the Yell Leader Endowment is. This support helps us focus on serving Texas A&M in the highest possible fashion by allowing us the opportunity to be fully present in our role as Yell Leaders.”

  • Jacob Huffman '21 - Senior

    “The support from the Yell Leader Endowment allows us to maintain focus on our studies and our Yell Leader responsibilities. In a normal season, Yell Leaders are possibly some of the busiest students on campus with all the events that we are required to attend in addition to classes and any other obligations. The endowment helps provide a scholarship to each Yell Leader in order to alleviate our financial burden, and we are beyond grateful to have that support.”

  • Weston Porter '21 - Senior

    “The Yell Leader Endowment is really special because it displays former students’ support. It speaks to the legacy of Yell Leaders and Texas A&M that most of these Aggies support us without having personally met us. People who give to the endowment are trusting us to do the job that, when they were here, their Yell Leaders did for them. I am so thankful for that support and honor.”

  • Memo Salinas '22 - Junior

    “I believe there are many unique and special traditions here at Texas A&M that put us in a class of our own, with Yell Leaders being one of those traditions. Keeping the Spirit of Aggieland alive and well is a mission that all Aggies are called to be a part of, and getting to lead that mission as a Yell Leader is an honor and privilege like no other. As Yell Leaders, we love the opportunity to give back and serve the university we all love so dearly. The support of the Yell Leader Endowment enables us to serve in the highest capacity."

  • Mason Graham '22 - Junior

    “In my first year serving as Yell Leader, I am excited to be so deeply involved in Texas A&M’s unique traditions and to facilitate the advancement of the Aggie Spirit. All the responsibilities required of Yell Leaders can be intimidating. However, the support we are given from the Yell Leader Endowment allows us to fully devote our time to focusing on our Yell Leader duties.”

To learn how you can support the Yell Leaders with a gift to the Texas A&M Foundation, contact Megan Pulliam ’09 using the form below or at (979) 862-1247. Give gifts online today at