The Texas A&M Foundation manages gifts of all types and sizes, with a focus on major gift endowments. When your charitable gift creates an individual endowed fund to benefit Texas A&M, the Texas A&M Foundation agrees to maintain those funds in perpetuity. The goal is to preserve the principal while providing distributions each year.

Each of the individual endowment accounts are managed in the Foundation’s long-term investment pool (LTIP). We invest endowments using asset allocation to maximize growth while safeguarding capital during tough economic times. Investment strategies, research and due diligence are carried out by the investment team with oversight provided by the Texas A&M Foundation’s Board of Trustees. In addition, we maintain relationships with third-party investment consultants and other key advisors who serve as valuable resources in investment decision-making.

Download our 2021 annual report.

Our Accountability:

Numerous checks and balances exist to ensure the integrity of the Foundation’s financial procedures:

  • Board of Trustees: Our Board of Trustees consists of seven former students, each with extensive business experience. These individuals determine our investment and fundraising policies and approve our annual budget.
  • External Audits: An external auditor annually audits the Foundation. We publish our financial statements in our annual report and provide complete copies to the public upon request.
  • Gift Administration: Generally speaking, donor-restricted funds are administered by full-time faculty and staff of Texas A&M University. We provide various weekly, monthly and annual reports of gift account activity to facilitate the appropriate use of funds.
  • Partnership with Texas A&M: To ensure the Foundation focuses on the university’s funding priorities, we maintain an open line of communication with Texas A&M’s president as well as college deans.

Fiscal Year 2021 Financials:

Donors gave $124 million to the Texas A&M Foundation and Texas A&M University during the fiscal year ending June 30, 2021. Following generally accepted accounting principles, the totals include pledges and irrevocable planned gifts. For every dollar raised during the past five years, the Foundation has spent an average of 15.4 cents.

Change in Net Assets

The Foundation’s net assets increased 25.9% during the 2021 fiscal year to $2.69 billion. The incredible uplift is primarily attributable to favorable investment market conditions.

Long-Term Investment Pool Asset Allocation

By investing assets, the Foundation provides steady earnings for Texas A&M. The Foundation’s long-term investment pool, which has a total value of $2.6 billion as of June 30, 2021, is composed mostly of endowments, but also includes other non-endowed funds invested for the long term. 

The Foundation’s investment team remains committed to pursuing its mission of advancing Texas A&M by maintaining the spending power of the Foundation’s long-term asset base through a balanced strategy. The portfolio is biased toward equity investments to better benefit from long-term growth expectations. In general, we seek to partner with talented investment managers that possess a competitive advantage, a differentiated strategy and interests that align with ours. Our portfolio is well-diversified by asset class, industry/sector and geography.


Long-Term Investment Pool
Asset Allocation

  • Public Equity 45%
  • Private Equity 21%
  • Real Assets 15%
  • Fixed Income 9%
  • Opportunistic 7%
  • Cash 3%

Funds Made Available to Texas A&M

Each year, the Foundation makes millions of dollars available to Texas A&M for students, faculty, facilities, and programs according to donors’ wishes. In fiscal year 2021, these funds totaled $117.3 million. These funds consist of non-endowed gifts—funds disbursed immediately rather than invested by the Foundation—and income from endowments.


Annual total for FY 2021

What Do Gifts Support at Texas A&M?

When you give through the Foundation, you can customize your gift to support whatever you’re most passionate about in Aggieland, such as student scholarships, faculty and research, college programs and facilities, or Aggie student activities and traditions. The graph below shows a breakdown of donor support for each of these areas during the last fiscal year.

Where FY 2021 Gifts Were Directed

  • Scholarships 49%
  • College Programs & Facilities 26%
  • Student Activities & Traditions 9%
  • Other* 9%
  • Faculty & Research 7%

*Includes gifts that pass to non-university accounts, such as the Texas A&M University System and The Association of Former Students' matching funds, as well as Texas A&M Foundation gifts in holding and class gift funds, for which donors have not yet identified the gift impact area.