Luz Herrera Named Partner in Philanthropy Award Recipient

The Texas A&M Foundation recognized Herrera for her impact at the Texas A&M University School of Law.

From the Roots Up

Aggieland’s deep land-grant roots tell a story of a compelling past and provide growth for Texas A&M University’s exciting future.

Serving Others Through Leadership

As the Corps grows, the Hollingsworth Center for Ethical Leadership prioritizes building servant leaders of character.

October 24, 2022

Teaching Aggies to Protect U.S. Infrastructure

A new partnership with the Department of Defense prepares Aggieland’s best and brightest to defend U.S. infrastructure in a virtual world.

The Act of Seeking Education

How the Land-Grant College Act of 1862 established 69 universities across the country and opened the door for the public to achieve higher education.

A Taste for Tech

Brett Graham ’87 ’92 has parlayed his love of science into a rewarding career in marketing and technology.

October 11, 2022

In Case of Emergency

Texas A&M University Emergency Medical Services gives Aggies real-world experience responding to calls and helping people in need.

There's a Secret Can Ne'er Be Told

Check out these little-known facts and suspicions about Aggieland buildings past and present.

12 OPAS Shows That Brought the House Down

Celebrate 50 seasons of OPAS with a look back on its most memorable performances.

September 20, 2022

Forging a Family Atmosphere

Through a wide range of groups, new students from every background can find community and a place in Aggieland.

Father, Son and Fighter Pilots

Doug Pearson ’69 and his son, Todd Pearson ’99, have flown similar life paths with their storied United States Air Force careers.

Texas A&M Announces Global Cyber Research Institute

Ray Rothrock '77 and other donors are instrumental in helping elevate university as cybersecurity leader through $10 million combined gift.

September 19, 2022