Planting Passions

Reunited with Aggieland years after graduation, Kriss Kirchhoff ’78 explores his passions on campus and plants seeds of generosity for future Aggies.

From Ice to Aggieland

Explore the unique journey of oil and gas professional, hockey enthusiast and dedicated Aggie Glenn Hart ’78.

A Legacy Lives On

Dani ’88 and Mike Hodge ’87 create an Endowed Opportunity Award in honor of Dani’s parents, Patricia and Ben Thomson ’59.

A Wish Fulfilled

Through her nonprofit Rebecca’s Wish, Rebecca Taylor ’25 brings hope to children with pancreatitis.

Empowering Engineers

Inspired by their daughter’s college journey, Neera ’87 and Tony Talbert created a new scholarship supporting student success and retention for engineering majors.

How Can We Safely Explore Space?

Meet Texas A&M University faculty studying what happens to the human body as we venture farther into the final frontier.

Engineering Aggie Experiences

Ford Motor Company shows its commitment to higher education and extracurricular experiences through a contribution to the Aggie Experience Fund.

Learning to Read Minds

Dr. Shuiwang Ji and fellow researchers are mapping the brain to explore its mysterious mechanisms.

Creating Health Innovators

Texas A&M University’s School of Engineering Medicine is breaking boundaries by merging the worlds of medicine and engineering.

Brotherly Bonds

Brothers Pete ’55 ’62 ’63 and Mike Miesch ’55 have shared a lifelong, everlasting bond based on loyalty and mutual support.

Fast Forward

From artificial intelligence and space flight to education and aging, Texas A&M University researchers tackle 12 questions about our future.

Hypertension Tats

Texas A&M University researchers developed a temporary tattoo that revolutionizes blood pressure monitoring.

What’s Next With Artificial Intelligence?

Faculty discuss artificial intelligence’s promises, limitations and impact on our lives.

Giving Without Fail

Sandra ’86 and Mike Wilkinson ’86 use their “no fail” mindset and industry-leading business experience to propel Aggies to a course of greatness.

Trendsetter and Pioneer

Bonnie Black ’94 has become an innovator in the oil and gas industry and a leader at Pioneer Natural Resources.

Research Around the World

Texas A&M University students and faculty conduct unique and impactful research on all seven continents.

How Will Next-Gen Vehicles Drive Our Future?

Engineering researchers discuss prevailing technological and societal trends in electric, hybrid and driverless vehicles.

I Serve Because…

The Class of 1980 E. King Gill Selfless Service Award’s recipients share why they stand for selfless service.

Preparing for Launch

Bonnie and Dr. Terry Alfriend provide out-of-this-world opportunities to aerospace faculty and students through a generous mixed-use gift.

Blasting to Success

As a high-achieving scholar and student leader on the Sounding Rocketry Team, aerospace engineering major Sarah Kinney ’24 shares her personal flight plan for success.

Cyber Education

Using his earnings from a bug hunter program, Addison Crump ’21 created an endowment that will support the Texas A&M Cybersecurity Club.

Hullabaloo on the Moon

Nearly 50 years ago, the Aggie Spirit traveled to the moon when “The Aggie War Hymn” played as a wake-up call for the Apollo 17 crew.

Touching Tomorrow

Through futuristic tech and visionary leadership at Amazon, Dr. Ken Washington ’82 ’83 ’86 is creating the world of tomorrow.

Teaching Aggies to Protect U.S. Infrastructure

A new partnership with the Department of Defense prepares Aggieland’s best and brightest to defend U.S. infrastructure in a virtual world.

Father, Son and Fighter Pilots

Doug Pearson ’69 and his son, Todd Pearson ’99, have flown similar life paths with their storied United States Air Force careers.

Texas A&M Announces Global Cyber Research Institute

Ray Rothrock '77 and other donors are instrumental in helping elevate university as cybersecurity leader through $10 million combined gift.

All’s Well in Aggieland

Aggie Well No. 1 is back to safely operating following a renovation proposed by two former students, Kory Kress ’07 and Mike Samford ’04.

Conversation: Pooled Gifts

Siblings Mary Hirsch ’83, Jim Hirsch ’91 and Sarah Hirsch Thompson discovered a unique way to honor their parents, Mary Jane ’72 and Dr. Teddy Hirsch ’52, through a pooled gift for a memorial scholarship.

The Digital Protectors

With support from Anthony Wood ’87 and Ray Rothrock ’77, Texas A&M University is establishing an institute to address cybersecurity issues and build digital leaders across disciplines.

Paying it Forward

Former Terry Scholar Yvonne Rode Moody ’91 mentors students whose shoes she was in more than three decades ago.

Aviator, Astronaut, Aggie

Melanie Meyer ’23 is reaching for the stars by pursuing her childhood dream of becoming an astronaut while earning her pilot’s license and mechanical engineering degree.

Dedicated to Development

Members of Texas A&M University’s Engineers Without Borders chapter put their technical prowess to work around the world.

Aggies Go Global

Engineers Without Borders tackles infrastructure improvement projects in Rwanda and the Dominican Republic.


Donna ’92 and Steven Leist ’93 used their donor-advised fund to create an endowment for first-generation students in the Department of Computer Science and Engineering.

Did You Know

…Texas A&M University is home to a military innovation hub like no other in the United States?

Fortifying Fibers

Dr. Jamie Grunlan utilizes water-based nanocoatings to create materials that are resistant to flames and ultraviolet light.

Engineering Empowerment

Since 2015, the Women in Engineering program has helped women thrive by offering opportunities, curriculum and community.

Because Aggies Planned, I Can...

These three graduate students are researching innovative technologies to build a brighter future for all communities.

Postcards From Mars

As a principal software developer at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Lab, Bob Deen ’87 helps deliver awe-inspiring images from Mars.

Love at First Howdy

Kyle Richter ’10 ’16 says you can never be too young to experience and share the Aggie love.

Pass It Back In 2022

See how you can “pass it back” this year by volunteering your time and expertise on campus to make a difference in the lives of students.

A True Testament

A planned gift from the late Harold Wolff ’43 exemplifies his lifelong passion for family and Texas A&M University.

Ties That Bind

The Garcia family’s generational giving to Texas A&M University strengthens their bond to Aggieland and one another.

The Military of Tomorrow Starts Here

At the new George H.W. Bush Combat Development Complex, The Texas A&M University System has created a leading site for modern military research.

Cheerful Givers

Bob DeHart ’75 and his wife, Nancy Nygren, find unique ways to give back to Aggieland and other organizations that have given them so much.

Selfless Service at the Highest Levels

To help Aggies from groups traditionally underrepresented on campus, Judy ’79 and Dr. Mark Weichold ’78 established a Foundation Excellence Award.

The Spirit Marches On

The late Marjorie Munn planned a gift to memorialize her husband, Walter ’43 that will help students carry on the Munns’ legacy of generosity.

Gifts for Dad

In celebration of Father’s Day this weekend, these Aggies honor their dads through giving to future Aggie generations.

Spirit Among the Stars

Did you know that Aggie songs have echoed to space as a wake-up call for the astronauts of three NASA space shuttle missions?

A Brighter Future for Texas A&M Cadets

Two cadets succeed in Aggieland with the help of a memorial planned gift.

Never Forgotten

Bulinda and Jerry Ebanks are planning gifts so their sons will live on through others.

To the Moon and Mars

Holly Ridings ’96 is making history as the first female chief flight director at NASA, where she leads manned spaceflight missions.

Engineering Fine Minds

Sheri Henriksen plans a gift that will fund a chair in the College of Engineering in honor of her son, Matthew ’19.

Texas A&M Foundation Honors Dr. Walter Haisler ’67 with Partner in Philanthropy Award

The Texas A&M Foundation has selected Dr. Walter Haisler Jr. ’67 as a recipient of its 2020 Partner in Philanthropy Award.

Cheers to 30 Years

Thanks to the influence of Texas A&M’s College of Engineering, Dana Dorsey ’91 is celebrating 30 years with 3M.

Producing Global Engineering Leaders

Page and Dan Houser '76 are funding study abroad experiences for the next generation of global engineers.

Ilya and the Canal

After leading the monumental Panama Canal expansion, Ilya Espino de Marotta '85 inadvertently became an inspiration for women engineers worldwide.

We Asked: What is Your New Year's Resolution?

Read what deans and leaders across campus are resolving to do in 2021 to increase opportunities for Aggieland's students, faculty and staff.

A Mission for Mars

Eric Imhoff ’22 is exploring a way to grow food on Mars, thanks to a planned gift from the late Martha and Eugene Neugebauer ’41.

The Perfect Match

By utilizing gift-matching programs like Michelle '88 and Todd Steudtner ’87, you can generate extra financial support for Texas A&M.

Faculty Fieldwork

A landmark gift from Jon Hagler ’58 empowered the Hagler Institute for Advanced Study to invite top-tier researchers to Aggieland in perpetuity. These are some of the Fellows who stayed.

Student Impact

Created during the Lead by Example campaign, Texas A&M University’s Engineering Medicine program is producing a new line of innovative doctors known as “physicianeers.”

Birthing Medical Innovation

Texas A&M University’s Department of Biomedical Engineering plans to create a makerspace to help students develop innovative medical devices.

Energy to Spare

Learn how you can use mineral rights and royalties to make a difference for current and future Aggies through a donation to the Texas A&M Foundation.

Never Far From Home

Decades after graduation, James "Jim" Nelson '49 found himself at the end of a war story unlike any other.

Lab Work: Research at Texas A&M

New tool scans nutritional content of food; veterinarians study dog aging; engineer creates wearable monitoring tool for mental health; specialist explains what causes brain freeze.

New Gifts: Recent Gifts to Texas A&M

Couple establishes full-ride scholarship endowment; Cushing Library receives rare map collection; Chick-fil-A owner gives back; husband honors late wife's legacy.

On Campus: News From Across Texas A&M

Programs support former foster care students and pets of domestic abuse victims; student group builds hybrid rockets; Stark Galleries hosts Hawaiian exhibit.

Married to the Job

Duncan and Kristen Maitland discuss the ins and outs of their biomedical engineering work at Texas A&M University.

Sugar and Mike Barnes establish endowment for industrial and systems engineering, department named in their honor

In honor of the 80th anniversary of the Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering, Sugar and Mike Barnes have created naming gift.

Give a Gift, Match a Gift

Members of the ExxonMobil A&M Club have utilized ExxonMobil’s matching program to commit nine endowments supporting Aggies.

Campaign Update

During the Lead by Example campaign, countless individuals chose to honor their loved ones through honorary or memorial gifts. Here are six of their stories.

Did You Know

Texas A&M has more Fortune 100 corporate CEOs than any other university.

Lab Work: Research at Texas A&M

Veterinarians save Sybil the camel; engineers study earthquake-resistant bridge designs and human-robot interactions; researcher explains what makes us hangry.

New Gifts: Recent Gifts to Texas A&M

Planned gift will support African wildlife study abroad; Women’s Resource Center gets a boost; Lawrences back Formula SAE Team; new scholarship for aggieTEACH program.

On Campus: News From Across Texas A&M

Student-developed video game teaches cattle working skills; program showcases rural veterinary medicine; university hosts Datathon; Sea Aggies deploy weather buoys.


Ray Rothrock ’77 uses his proven penchant for predicting the future to bolster resilience against cyberattacks and advocate for a nuclear solution to the planet’s energy crisis.

Driven for Success

The Texas A&M Transportation Institute’s innovative Teens in the Driver Seat® program educates high school students about safe driving.

Killer Treatments

A bequest from the late James J. Cain ’51 supports two biomedical engineering professors developing technologies to combat chronic health conditions.

Back Page

What’s in your backpack? We asked scholarship recipients to share the mementos, good luck charms and other interesting items they carry with them from class to class.

Lab Work: Research at Texas A&M

Scientists develop an oil spill prediction model, a bioabsorbable wound dressing and a new spacesuit design; neuroscience professor explains the underlying causes of déjà vu.

On Campus: News From Across Texas A&M

Class of 1969 dedicates Spirit Plaza; new initiative launches for students with disabilities; Sea Aggies fundraise for Aggie ring statue; music and math converge in engineering program.

Student Impact

Grace Long ’21, a nuclear engineering Brown Scholar from Virginia, shares her story of success at Texas A&M University.

An Ambitious Future

The new Dean’s Scholars Award initiative in the College of Engineering is helping attract the nation’s top prospective freshmen.

Givers from Within

Meet four Texas A&M faculty and staff members who established planned gifts as another way of giving back to the university.

Supporting Physicianeers

Lou ’85 and Mark Houser ’83 offer their support to EnMed, an innovative new program that unites engineering and medicine.

New Heights for Texas A&M Aerospace Engineering

A bequest from Dr. Walter Haisler ’67 and his wife will establish an endowed chair position to support the department head of aerospace engineering.

The Benefits of Retirement Gifts

Check out these three retirement gift methods to see if they might be right for you!

Campaign Update

Meet Dr. Junuthula Reddy and five other Texas A&M faculty and staff members who are shaping the university they call home by giving back.

Faculty Fieldwork

Preaching that prevention is the key to long-term health, Texas A&M ergonomist Dr. Mark Benden ’90 ’92 ’06 creates workspaces and school desks that keep us on our feet.

Lab Work: Research at Texas A&M

Veterinarians perform first dolphin spinal tap; researchers discover the oldest weapons in North America; team creates 3D models to investigate spine disorders.

New Gifts: Recent Gifts to the Foundation

Couples create memorial scholarships and a professor of practice in engineering; former student gives first endowed gift for the School of Innovation.

One Voice

How I went from being a NASA aerospace engineer, to a motivational speaker turned comedian, to a professor of practice at Texas A&M University.


From Aggieland to the fantasy world of Westeros in “Game of Thrones,” Derek Spears ’91 has journeyed on the cutting edge of digital effects.

Creating an Engineering Pipeline

Texas A&M University’s Spark! PK-12 Engineering Education Outreach Program engages students, teachers and families with STEM concepts.

Engineering an Alternative Path

By partnering with community colleges, Texas A&M and Chevron are ensuring that tomorrow’s engineers more closely resemble today’s Texans.

Civil Engineering Professor Seeks ASCE Presidency

Texas A&M professor and chairholder Jean-Louis Briaud is running for president of the American Society of Civil Engineers and wants your vote.

A Quiet Way of Giving

Laurie Hagemaier reflects on her late father’s legacy of generosity as his planned gift takes effect.

Future Focused

Showcasing the impact of planned gifts during the Lead by Example campaign.

Campaign Update

Showcasing the impact of planned gifts during the Lead by Example campaign. earn how donors like Elizabeth Bradford are making a difference by being future focused.

Cover Feature

From engineering and public policy to the military, how Texas A&M University is preparing its students to tackle issues of cybersecurity.

Editor's Desk

The world of cybersecurity is constantly evolving. How Aggies are remaining at the forefront of the industry.

Lab Work: Research at Texas A&M

Researchers improve human-elephant relations in Botswana; virtual reality tools may help public speaking anxiety; team studies infant opioid addiction.

New Gifts: Recent Gifts to Texas A&M

Endowment fuels training cruises; doctor honors late wife’s legacy; gift for Sales Leadership Institute; former student supports the Corps of Cadets.

On Campus: News From Across Texas A&M

Aggie lawyers go global; submarine team sinks competition; visualization graduate students create animated short films.

One Voice

Sandy Wilkinson '86 started the Gaddis Girls’ STEM Camp in her father’s name, and she can’t wait to see what the girls who experience it will achieve.

Student Impact

The Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo provides thousands of students across the state with financial aid, creating an extensive, undeniable impact at Texas A&M University.


He was a flight director on every manned Apollo mission and the lead flight director on three lunar explorations: Apollo 12, 15 and 17. During the Apollo 13 explosion, he helped return astronauts safely to Earth. Gerry Griffin ’56 recounts his role in taking mankind to the stars.


Artworks inspired by aircraft design and sonic booms grace the new Zachry’s hallways.

Bringing Industry into the Classroom

Through a $1 million gift, Marilyn and Don Lummus ’58 are helping the College of Engineering attract professors with real-world experience.

Introducing the Physicianeers

Why is this mother-daughter team helping Texas A&M merge technology and health care? The reasons are many.

Lee Lowery ’60 Scholars Program Honors Legacy of Teaching

In recognition of Dr. Lee Lowery’s more than 60 years of teaching, former students are creating a scholarship program in his name.

The Road Well-Traveled

Charlotte and Billy Parks ’64 support Texas A&M students through a retained life estate.

Campaign Update

Donors share why they’ve given to Texas A&M during the Lead by Example campaign.

Lab Work: Research Developments

Researchers develop injectable bandage; public health professor studies effects of air pollution on pregnant women; corn breeders explore new whiskey flavors.

New Gifts: Recent Gifts to the Foundation

First scholarship for EnMed; gift supports Women’s Resource Center; students establish Barbara Bush memorial scholarship.

On Campus: News From Across Texas A&M

Shack-a-Thon raises money; undergraduate journal celebrates anniversary; new Living Learning Community connects Aggie autism community.

Pres Perspective

How Texas A&M faculty and students are impacting the globe.

Maroon Coats Participate in Women Sales Fellowship

Two Texas A&M Foundation Maroon Coats complete a unique internship with Will Reed Jobs to help women enter the technology sector.

Rivals United

Transformative gifts establish the J. Mike Walker Department of Mechanical Engineering at both UT and Texas A&M.

The Domino Effect

After receiving a PES while he was at Texas A&M, Travis Owens ’06 and his wife Shan Wang are giving a scholarship of their own for Aggie engineers.

Helping Engineers Thrive

The late Dr. Bonnie Hunt ’77 continues to inspire the next generation of engineers with a scholarship endowment created through a planned gift.

Brockman Foundation Creates Full-Ride Scholarship Program for Texas A&M Students Majoring in STEM Fields

A unique five-year degree program is now available to Texas A&M University incoming freshmen who major in a STEM field.

Applying Leverage

Plano couple taps corporate matching funds to establish scholarships for engineering and business students.

Girls Blossom in Aggie STEM Camp

Sandy Wilkinson ’86 honors her late father with a program that encourages girls to explore careers in science, technology, engineering and math.

A Little Piece of Texas Goes a Long Way

Sandy and Les Pittman ’74 reap multiple benefits through the charitable remainder unitrust established through the Foundation.

Lab Work: Research Developments

Automated transportation research; kinesiologists study relationship between genetics and activity levels; new reading technology for blind individuals.

New Gifts

A planned gift establishes three Corps scholarships; couple surprises great-niece with a scholarship; gifts for the Texas A&M Coaching Academy and the Bush School of Government and Public Service.

On Campus

Construction science students study in England; researchers restore Alamo cannons; Aggie Replant coordinates annual tree planting day.

The Power of Green Engineering

Student and scholar Bryton Praslicka ’19 is working to incorporate smart bus stops across Texas A&M’s campus.

Engineering Standout

The College of Engineering recognized six former students with its 2018 Outstanding Alumni Award, including Carl Jaedicke ’73.

Cover Feature

10 ways Aggie engineering is breaking new ground.

Editor's Desk

Aggie engineering is ahead of the game.

Final Review

The Engineering Quad will be a beautiful green space for students of all majors to meet, relax, eat and study.

Lab Work: Research Developments

Scientists collaborate on crop research; doctoral candidate studies the diets of 17th-century sailors; student startup revolutionizes indoor farming.


Couple supports new dentistry facility; gifts fund Mays Innovation Research Center; Aggie Parents of the Year establish construction science scholarship.

On Campus: News From Across Texas A&M

Students design prototypes through Aggies Invent; Rudder Radio launches at Texas A&M at Galveston; Warrior-Scholar Project expands.

Life Insurance Gift Benefits Petroleum Engineering Department

Marilyn and Steve Miller ’79 designate the Texas A&M Foundation as owner and beneficiary of their $1 million life insurance policy.

Worlds Apart: English and Engineering

Scholarship created by C.C. Burton ’42 assist students in English and Mechanical Engineering at Texas A&M University.

Lab Work: Research Developments

Engineering students develop lunar rover prototype; Texas A&M and NASA collaborate on Robonaut; Texas A&M competes in AutoDrive challenge; Sea Aggies aid endangered sea turtles.

Soaring to New Heights

A couple who established the first-ever aerospace engineering scholarship at Texas A&M continues to open new doors for aspiring students.

Back Page

Daniel Ragsdale, director of the Texas A&M Cybersecurity Center and professor of practice in computer science and engineering, explains how you can protect yourself in an age of increased hacking and identity theft.

New Gifts: Recent Gifts to the Foundation

Couple asks wedding guests to donate in lieu of gifts; gift helps veterans pursue entrepreneurial dreams; Santa surprises two siblings with endowed scholarships; couple funds study abroad scholarships.

The Legacy

Maier Foundation President Brad Rowe ’97 creates a scholarship fund for future engineers.


Roku Founder Anthony Wood ’87 became a Silicon Valley sensation when he reimagined the way we consume TV.


Using an algorithm that converts songs into artwork, Dr. Tim Davis illustrates the Aggie War Hymn in dazzling color.

Like Father, Like Son

Fletcher family establishes teaching and philanthropic legacy in the Department of Mechanical Engineering at Texas A&M University.

Evans Medal: Nyes

Alice and Erle Nye ’59 spread their infectious love for Texas A&M to future generations.

Lab Work: Research Developments

Computer tool corrects pronunciation in second-language learners; engineering major develops 3-D campus map to aid visually impaired students; energy-efficient freight system will move goods across the state.

On Campus: News From Across Texas A&M

Camp BUILD hosts future engineers; Texas A&M creates coffee research center; new bike lanes illuminate campus; mobile app fights Zika virus.

Ask Professor X

Robin Murphy introduces unique helping hands to disaster situations.

New Gifts: Recent Gifts to the Foundation

Young couple creates planned gift for Muster; charitable gift annuity will support Corps scholarships; endowment for Engineering Success Program aids Regents' Scholars; father honors son's memory with President's Endowed Scholarship.

The Legacy

A planned gift from Mary-Ann and Tom Ferguson '78 will support global experiences for industrial distribution majors.


Ahmed Mahmoud '87 '90 transformed his love of physics to become a leader and innovator at General Motors.

College Impact

Two Aggie engineers finance an unprecedented collaboration between the colleges of business and engineering to ensure that Texas A&M graduates remain leaders in the energy sector.

Student Impact

Aaron DePaolo ’18 is the first recipient of a President’s Endowed Scholarship funded by one Aggie’s idea to nurture and sell Century Tree seedlings.

The Legacy

For Stephanie Sneed Langenstein ’89, a unique planned gift option presents the opportunity to support her passions during her lifetime.


Trent Latshaw ’75 experiences the world from the rare vantage point of a P-51 Mustang.

Lab Work: Research Developments

Researchers unearth a new human species; wearable device interprets sign language; alcohol consumption affects brain neurons; photos reveal Mars’ wet past.

On Campus: News From Across Texas A&M

Shakespeare’s First Folio travels to campus; agronomy society plants educational corn maze; engineering students create Hyperloop prototypes.

One Voice

An antique heirloom revealed my family’s Aggie heritage.


Interdisciplinary degree programs offered through the Texas A&M Energy Institute will prepare the next generation of energy leaders.


Blake Teipel ’16 and his team at Essentium Materials hone in on people, planet and profit to transform the future of plastics.

Donors Establish Chair in Department of Computer Science and Engineering

Lynn and Bill Crane have established the Lynn '84 and Bill Crane '83 Chair within the Department of Computer Science and Engineering at Texas A&M.

New Gifts: Recent Gifts to the Foundation

Scholarship memorializes education student; friends honor former science dean; fellowship supports mechanical engineering professor.

On Campus: News From Across Texas A&M

Aggie yearbooks go digital; abstract sculptures come to campus; Zachry Group creates engineering leadership program; architecture students assist Austin homeless.


Amy ’84 and Tim Leach ’82 aspire to make Texas A&M the obvious choice for future generations.


Led by Professor Ricardo Eusebi, a six-member team of physics students build a modern-day Tesla coil.

Two of a Kind

Ray Davis created a $25,000 endowment to memorialize his friend John Willis ’92 after he passed away from cancer.