Scholarships and fellowships make a profound difference in the lives of individual students and in the lives those students touch as graduates of Texas A&M University.

Some of the best high school students can’t afford today’s tuition, but scholarships open a world of possibilities to them. Scholarships also free Aggies from the necessity of part-time jobs, giving them more time to satisfy their intellectual curiosity or to participate in Texas A&M’s character-building organizations.

To learn more about giving a scholarship, explore the FAQs and scholarship programs below.

What is the difference between an endowed scholarship and a pass-through scholarship?

Endowed scholarships are crucial to Texas A&M’s future because they provide benefits to students for generations. As your gift is invested in the Texas A&M Foundation’s portfolio, it produces a consistent stream of annual returns that support the scholarship program you designate. Because we have an annually set payout rate and carefully manage our portfolio through diversification, you can rest assured that a scholarship endowment will always support students whether the market is up or down. While most donors choose to create an endowed gift that will last forever, you may also choose to fund a pass-through scholarship by making a one-time gift.

Learn more about endowments in the video below.

Can I customize my scholarship?

Yes! If you choose to give through one of the existing scholarship programs below, you can customize elements of your scholarship, such as its name and specifics about the type of student it supports. 

You can also create a general scholarship of your own design rather than giving through one of our existing programs. These general scholarships are often established through the university’s various colleges and are major-specific. Just like scholarships given through one of our existing programs, you can name your general scholarship in memory or honor of a person, class or organization of your choice, and you can direct it to support a student of any classification in a particular major, field of study, or from a specific geographic region. Endowed general scholarships begin at $25,000.

Can I name my scholarship?

Yes! While many donors use their own names, scholarships can also be named in memory or honor of a person, class or organization of your choice.

What assets can I use to fund a scholarship?

Scholarship gifts may be made in the form of cash, securities, real estate or other real property. All endowed gifts are payable over a five-year period, and all gifts are tax-deductible.

How are scholarships awarded to Aggies?

Scholarship recipients are selected from a pool of qualified applicants and are awarded on a variety of factors. Some scholarships are awarded based on academic achievement, while others support students from underrepresented groups or those with financial need. With the exception of the Foundation Excellence Award, the Texas A&M Foundation does not administer scholarship applications or programs. Scholarship opportunities vary according to student qualifications, so please review more detailed information at Texas A&M Scholarships and Financial Aid.

Aggie Veteran Scholarships

As a university that began as a senior military college, appreciation and respect for our nation’s current, former and future service members runs deep in Aggieland. You can support Texas A&M’s proud military history by establishing scholarships for Aggie student veterans or their spouses. Most student veterans are unable to finish their degree within the 36-month GI Bill limitation, and while Hazelwood benefits help fill the gap, these non-traditional students still struggle financially. There are three levels of veteran scholarship support, ranging from endowments of $25,000 to $100,000, that provide annual stipends to students ranging from $1,000 to $4,000.

Corps of Cadets Scholarships

The Texas A&M Corps of Cadets is the largest, oldest and most visible student organization and leadership training program at Texas A&M University. The Corps develops well-educated leaders of character who embody the values of honor, courage, integrity, discipline and selfless service. Cadets are academically successful, highly sought-after and prepared for global leadership challenges of the future.There are four levels of Corps scholarship support that provide annual stipends to students ranging from $1,000 to $4,000. These include: Keepers of the Spirit Scholarships, Corps 21 Scholarships, General Rudder Corps Scholarships and Sul Ross Scholarships.

Endowed Opportunity Awards

Endowed Opportunity Awards are for incoming freshmen who have exhibited a high degree of character, extracurricular involvement, leadership ability and, in most cases, evidence of financial need. A $25,000 gift will permanently endow an award to provide one student an annual stipend for four years.

Foundation Excellence Awards

Since 1999, Foundation Excellence Award scholarships have helped recruit and retain outstanding undergraduates from historically disadvantaged groups often underrepresented in the Aggie student body, including minorities and those who face significant economic or educational hurdles. In 2020, the program was expanded to include students attending the Texas A&M-Galveston campus. A $10,000 gift will fund a one-time, four-year award for one student, while a $50,000 gift will permanently endow an award to provide one student an annual stipend for four years.

Global Study Scholarships

Global study scholarships allow students in our increasingly interdependent world to acquire firsthand understanding of different cultures. Students who have studied abroad gain an advantage in the business and academic worlds, and they enjoy unforgettable experiences. Study abroad opportunities are available for all Texas A&M students, freshmen through Ph.D. candidates. Students can be in a large group or study in an individual program, and programs vary in length. A $25,000 gift provides a student with a one-year award. Every year, a new student will benefit from the scholarship.

Graduate Fellowships

The state of Texas contributes limited amounts to Texas A&M’s graduate programs, so private support is essential. Whether they leave with master’s or doctoral degrees, Aggie graduate students take their values with them to their workplaces and their new communities. Those who become professors share their Aggie work ethic and leadership skills with thousands more. When you fund a graduate fellowship, you support a graduate student with yearly stipends. A $25,000 gift can endow a graduate fellowship, but the amount of the yearly award depends on the amount of your donation.

J. Malon Southerland Aggie Leader Scholarships

The Southerland Aggie Leader Scholarship program was created to recognize and reward student involvement and leadership at Texas A&M University. Student leaders are dedicated to Texas A&M and are an important element in the success of our campus. This scholarship reflects Texas A&M University’s commitment to learning, leadership and service both in and out of the classroom. A $25,000 gift provides a student with a one-year award. Every year, a new student will benefit from the scholarship.

Regents’ Scholarships

The Regents’ Scholars Program supports first-generation undergraduates whose total family income is less than $40,000 per year. Recipients must live on campus during their freshman year and participate in one of Texas A&M’s learning communities. A $100,000 gift will permanently endow an award to provide one student an annual stipend for four years.

President’s Endowed Scholarships

Since 1968, the merit-based President’s Endowed Scholarship (PES) program has been inspiring high-achieving high school seniors to make Texas A&M University their school of choice. The PES rewards incoming Texas A&M freshmen who have demonstrated outstanding academic achievements in high school. Financial information is not considered. A $100,000 gift will permanently endow a PES to provide one student an annual stipend for four years, plus a bonus for a study abroad experience.

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